Cheers it's Christmas In July

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Old Gilman Grill offers private and semi-private perfect for your office or family holiday party. Elevate your special occasion with with creative menus and our extensive wine list.

Book your holiday party at Old Gilman Grill by August 31, 2019 and we will gift you $200 in Old Gilman Grill gift cards.

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*Required food and beverage minimum must be fulfilled to receive gift card bonus. Gift cards will be delivered on the day of your event. Bonus gift cards may not be used toward balance of event.

King Crimson

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Our Negroni is a knockout, a bona fide belt-winner.
What’s the secret?


When tasked with creating the future Judge’s Choice at Bode hotel’s Bitter Battle, our team was perplexed. Luckily, inspiration strikes; and the spark of an idea arrived in the form of colleague Sonya Gneusheva’s childhood.

Carrie Blackman, Lead Bartender at Old Gilman Grill, is happy to discuss her process, especially when it comes to 'King Crimson'. “Sonya and I were discussing her childhood affinity for black currant on toast, a Russian delicacy, and I was so intrigued by her taste.”

Through perfect chemistry, Carrie and Sonya developed Old Gilman Grill’s Negroni recipe further, utilizing one secret weapon: currant.

“The Negroni can be overwhelming, it packs a famous punch,” Carrie explained. “There’s a bitter quality to the drink and it needed something to soften the blow,” Blackman explained.

With help and notes throughout the week from manager Joseph Dirmeyer, the team batched and barreled until their winning drink was sent to our neighbors at Bode, and garnished with a dry ice strawberry for extra drama.